Welcome to Kornerstone School of the Spirit.


The three year program is designed to grow the Christian from a solid foundation of who you are in Christ to maturity, while developing and strengthening your walk with the Lord and enabling everyone, operate maximally in the marketplace or in ministry.

  • YEAR 1

    The foundational year is designed to grow the individual as a believer and equip them with all that is essesntial to live a victorious life in Christ.

  • YEAR 2

    Year 2 is designed to strengthen what we started in year 1 and take the students into maturity while introducing them to the various gifts and offices of CHRIST.

  • YEAR 3

    This year offers 2 options: To continue to grow with the prophetic class designed for student going into prophetic ministry, OR build a strong mindset of a mature child of God moving away from conformity to the world to the way of heaven.


    Centered around the dynamics and intentions of our Lord Jesus Christ to mature, develop a deep and sound Christ lifestyle. This program aims to disciple, discipline and synchronise our minds with HIS mind.

Kornerstone School of the Spirit classes.

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Calendar For Our Programs

Year 1 Christ Class: starts January 17th 

YEAR 2: 

Term 1; starts 19th January- 6th April

Term 2: 4th May- 27th July 

Term 3: 7th September-30th November


What Others are Saying About Kornerstone SOS Classes

Student Testimonials

“Faith class also known as Year 1 Term 3: was a total paradigm shift for me. it made me realize there was a parallel difference between Faith and Hope. Also Faith wasn't a power switch you switch on when you need it, and off when when you are done with it. But a lifestyle. Your everyday lifestyle.”


“I started the Faith class without a penny and overwhelmed with debt. I applied the teachings of the class and made my financial situation my group faith project. I sealed the biggest deal ever in my business during this class. I ended the class with excess and debts paid off. Now I don't know how not to walk in faith, even for the least important things.”



The School of The SPIRIT is the academic arm of Kornerstone Counselling Centre. 

Our Classes are designed for you to learn how to walk in the spirit by harnessing the power of the Holy Spirit within you and understanding the work of Christ.

Kornerstone Counselling Centre is a prayer, prophetic and counselling ministry. Our mission and assignment is to equip anyone who desires to know God on how to pray effectively, prophesy accurately and be mentored spiritually.