Mentoring Background

By way of introduction, the word ‘mentoring’ comes from Greek mythology.

In Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor was the wise and trusted companion and friend of Ulysses and the guardian of his house during his ten-year absence at the Trojan wars. He acted as teacher and adviser of Ulysses’ son Telemachus, helping him to develop sound values, attitudes and behaviour so that he would mature to be an upright, wise and courageous adult.

Christian mentoring is centred around the dynamics and intentions of our Lord JESUS CHRIST to mature, develop a deep and sound CHRIST lifestyle.

This program aims to disciple, discipline and synchronise our minds with HIS mind. HE is the ultimate example of mentoring - like HE did with HIS disciples; and Jethro with Moses; and Moses with Joshua; and David with Jonathan; and Barnabas with Paul; and Lois & Eunice with Timothy; and Priscilla and Aquila with Apollos; and Paul with Timothy.